Longer Distance Relationship

A lot of people have asked how I deal with the agony of a long-distance relationship. Truth is, I don't know. I don't even know if I've "dealt" with it. There are often times I pine till it hurts, and I have to remind myself to stay busy just for the sake of sanity. There are other times my heart yearns for the warmth of another – any other – in the vague and futile hope that I may find you somewhere within.
Some people say it takes some getting used to, but I can never get used to not being close to you. In fact, it has gotten harder everytime I left you after the summer vacations are over.
Just when I thought that Arizona and Singapore couldn't get any further you're now in Australia. Even though the change in physical distance makes no tangible difference, the very thought pains my heart. Come back soon, I can't wait for your week there to be over.
I don't know how to survive the next seven months of not holding you.

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