Thanks Giving

Min and I went to a Singaporean gathering, where we had some turkey, mashed potatoes, almond jelly with longan and long-bean casserole. Yup, we brought the almond jelly.
I dropped Min off at home at about ten at night and left for the Recreation Center to play some ball. I came home, turned on the light in my room and found my drawers open and shelves moved. Min hollered and asked me where I put the remote controls for the television and VCR. Realisation hit me.
We were robbed. I went to the living room and found the DVD player missing, along with all our DVDs and some VCDs of Chinese dramas, namely Meteor Garden. We expect those to be found in the trash by the morning.
Through this all, I am thankful that my sister's safe. I'd gladly trade everything for her safety. I'm also thankful that I brought my camera with me, so it's still here.
Of course the nagging doubts arise about the safety of the place. We've taken whatever precautions we could have, locking all the doors and making sure the windows are all secure. It is at this time I remember that God is still the God of all.
Nothing happens without His choosing, and I rest in His sovereignty, even though my heart still holds some fear.

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