For those of you who remembered the very bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Jingle All The Way", it was in many ways a realisitic documentary of today's shopping experience.
First stop – <a href="">BestBuy</a>. We left the house at 5:20am in order to be slightly early for the 6am opening. There was a line longer than that of the local soup kitchen during a famine. It was quite amazing to see so many cars on the road in the dark of the early morning, all headed towards different stores. A returning to the mothership of sorts.
A track meet was held in the store itself. People literally ran from shelf to shelf, sale catalogue in hand. $9.99 for a CD-RW drive. $5.00 for a Microsoft Optical Mouse. That's on sale? Yeah, gimme ten of those.
Three of us left with three optical mice, five 128mb CompactFlash Cards and a Palm 500 PDA. We got what we came for.
The sky still dark in its infancy, we left for nearby Tucson Mall. Off to Sears to get Min a hairdryer. She made it clear to us all as we stepped out of the car. "Hair Dryer. That's all we're getting". Wenyang and I rolled our eyeballs at each other. We've all heard that one before.
It was a rather roundabout route to the elusive hairdryer. Comforters for the bed, vacumn cleaners, digital cameras, dvd players were the few places of rest we stopped on-route to the faraway lands of personal appliances. Even with the hairdryer in hand, we were unavoidedly obstructed by the Gap, the Knife Shop (cool switchblades!), Nine West, Electronic Boutique and a few others on the way to the car.
We then had breakfast at Denny's, our biological clock now screwed up for the next few days.
Goodnight, or morning, or whatever.

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