Women's Suffrage

Just came back from watching <a href="">Shanghai Ballet's Coppelia</a> at <a href="">Centennial Hall</a>. We got tickets for the whole season of ballet, including Canada's Royal Winnipeg dancing Sleeping Beauty and the Stuttgart Ballet dancing Romeo and Juliet. My sister's a huge ballet fan, and I rely on her for information on what to look out for when watching dance. Its nuances are lost on me.
I find it hard to reconcile why the ancient <a href="">Chinese tradition of bound feet</a> was considered barbaric but not the torture endured by countless ballerina learning point. Not only do you walk tippy-toed, you have to walk on the top side of your toes. My sister assures me that the pain is only temporary, and that it goes away with time. Hah. I bet that's what the Chinese foot-binding folks told the young girls at that point in history.
It's all a matter of perception really. If you get the majority vote on an opinion, the rest just stupidly follow.

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