Celebrating Life

Life after exams. Even though most of my life so far revolves around education, the period of time right after major examinations of any kind still proves a mystery. Sometimes it comes with relief, other times elation. Quiet a number of times now, life that immediately comes after the burden was lifted comes with a strong dose of boredom.
Not this time. Watched the second installment to <a href="">The Lord of the Rings</a> yesterday. I am convinced that it will go down in time as one of the epic movies of our time, alongside Star Wars. There will comes days in the future where we sit our children down to watch The Lord of the Rings, just as many a parent has tried sitting us down to watch Ben-Hur. Mothers will rave about how cute Legolas was, in pretty much the same way the older mothers of today talk about Mark Anthony in Cleopetra. There is a certain attribute of time that lives on in our hearts; something we are rendered incapable of sharing to those who've never lived it, yet it binds all those who were there.

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