Close and Yet Far

To my belovéd,
thanks for sharing about your experiences in China. Though it pains me to be so far away, I now know that our fates are not uncertain, but held very carefully and very dearly by His loving hand. It's something I'm slowly learning I guess.
I used to think that I was relatively fearless, but now I see how wrong I've been. I fear losing you. I fear not loving you as much as I'd like. I fear not being the man I want you to marry and love.
I will continue to strive for all these things, not out of fear but out of diligence. Your strength and beauty envelopes me and it leaves me in awe, yet your gentleness and love soothes away whatever feelings of inadequacy I have within myself. It is such a marvelous feeling to know that your love for God is the manifestation of everything I've ever wanted; and that you watch over me, gently leading me back should I stray and loving me should I fall.
So in His wondrous way, God transcends all physical distances. I see His likeness in you, and I feel so close to you in Him.
Take care sweetie. I can't wait to hold you again.

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