Glimpse of Home

Hundred page report due tomorrow. Seven page paper due tomorrow. Internet project due next Tuesday, along with an Econ test and a project presentation. Ack.
I caught <a href="">The Amazing Race</a> tonight and after weeks and months of constant wishing they finally made a stop in Singapore.
It's funny how the little idiosyncracies of home become so apparent when you watch an outsider deal with them. The humidity. That PIE is pronounced Pee-Aye-Eee and has nothing to do with pastries of any kind. The windy roads that don't go north or south, but head a little bit in every direction. It was fun watching the teams struggle with all these.
I would have liked to watch them eat an entire <a href="">durian</a> though. That, in my opinion, would have been a challenge that we Singaporeans could all laugh at.

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