Made Perfect

To my dearest sister with whom I share not only times of happiness, but even times of fleshly death that His life may be made complete in us.
It is never easy. We stand so tall and strong one moment; and in that moment it seems nothing can topple our faith and our determination. In a flash we're struggling with what is intellectually an easy decision to make, yet our wills find no strength to make it. We find ourselves at the bottom, so it seems, once again.
Yet it is in this same cold, damp, dark place where Paul reminds us that it is in His grace that we stand. Not in our strength of character or in the brute force of our will, but in His grace. No matter how far we're fallen, no matter how stubborn we've been, His grace covers us so completely and totally and His love compels us unto Himself. That His strength be made perfect in our weakness.
Thank you for sharing with me the trials of your life. The glimmer of hope you hold on to has given me strength for my own struggles, worries and fears. I only hope my words, however few and weak encourage you in yours.
May His grace and peace cover us till He comes again.

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