Minority Report

We had quite a productive time the last few days. We hit Ikea, which was my sister's main priority on this trip. We got ourselves some nice glasses, a CD rack, a foldable chair and some assorted stuff. Watched the Leo movie "Catch Me If You Can", which was not too bad. Somehow Leo exudes a certain repulsion for me. He just looks like the kind of tubby-bodied bully from childhood.
It was weird after walking out the cinema and then realising that we're nowhere near home. Everything in the cinema seemed so familiar; almost like a fold in the space-time continuum that protected us from the wave of destruction initiated by a shift in the true to alternate realities. Maybe I <strong>should</strong> watch the Star Trek movie huh.
Yesterday we went to the University of Southern California. It was such a hassle finding parking spots (as in most schools) but we managed the Science Center there and the beautiful Rose Garden behind it. I can see where the huge amounts of tuition these students pay yearly goes to.
On an impromptu whim we hit Chinatown. It was such a surreal feeling. It felt so much like Singapore that we actually fooled ourselves that we were back home. The level of urbanisation, the crowds and crowds of Asian people – it felt so much like home. We even found a Quickly bubble tea kiosk! We had our fishball noodles and bought half a roast duck back to the hotel room for lunch later. We had a chance to practice our teochew and mandarin. We weren't the minority anymore.
We've grown bolder in our navigation skills and more comfortable with the idea that going places usually meant an hour or so in the car. It'll be a long drive to Las Vegas and an even longer one back to Tucson from LV.
My butt's now the shape of the car seat.

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