Our Own Carousel

Min, Wenyang and I went to <a href="">PETsMART</a> after dinner tonight. No matter how I psyche myself into reading it at "Pets Mart", I always end up thinking "Pet Smart", a grammatical concoction that would only be allowed in colloquial Singaporean English (Singlish).
Watching hamsters run round and round in their own little wheels, Min asked, "Why do they do that?"
I'm pretty sure they look at us outside of their cages and ask the very same question. We go about our business of making a living and then spending, round and round in our invisible wheel. Like the hamsters some of us make things slightly more varied. Maybe two hamsters running the wheel together, or in short sprints as opposed to continuous running. But like them, most of our daily activities go no where.
I've a tummyache. It's been like that the past few weeks. I hope it goes away.

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