Photoblog Schematics

The web has changed the way we communicate. This relatively newfound medium not only takes our word at face value, it ties in colour combinations, usability and typography, amongst many other attributes of site design and blends them into a user experience. We're still fuzzy on the blending part and how it all ties in.
The sharing of photographs, by its very nature, should have taken huge leaps and bounds over the Internet. With digital photography becoming mainstream, we are able to share so much more visually, having people see things our way so to speak.
Yet it is weird that photologs never quite took off. Don't get me wrong, there are dozens upon dozens of great amateur photographers out there. <a href="">Noah</a> and <a href="">Dawn</a> being amongst my favourites.
Where Noah sets his photolog up as the main item on his site, with some degree of separation from his <a href="">journal</a>, Dawn integrates a photo a day unto her short blogged thoughts.
It is interesting to note that not many comments are given by readers regarding photographs, especially on dedicated photologs like Noah's, or even my own <a href="">visuals</a> section. Is it because we've pretty seen all there is to it via National Geographic television? Have we reached a saturation point where the things we see no longer captivate us?
The main reaction of most to the leonid showers <a href="">a few weeks ago</a> was "that's it?" as opposed to "wow". It seems that Hollywood has done too good a job desensitizing us to the small things in life. Let me correct that. Hollywood has done too good a job blowing everything so large that nothing in life is big enough anymore.
I'll probably be taking photos as long as I have a finger strong enough to depress the shutter button. I'm still hoping for some feedback on the photos I take. There are times I wonder if my own definition of what is beautiful seems mundane to the common eye. So here's shameless plug, visit my <a href="">photolog</a>. Tell me if there's anything at all your like, or anything at all you thought was bad. I'd just like to know.

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