Quirks and Quasars

There's something very, very satisfying about having windscreen wipers that work. Not just ones that move from right to left, but ones that squigy every droplet of water off your line of sight. I never knew how much of an irritant a half-functional wiper was until mine decided to succumb to the desert heat and dust, leaving wet streaks as it made its way to and fro my windscreen.
It was almost like having a guest wearing muddy boots walk across your carpeted living room. No can do. No siree.
So yesterday, the equilibrium where procrastination and irritation met, I went down to Autozone and got myself a pair of new wipers. You should have seen the smile on my face after they were put in. Not without a twenty minute struggle which led to the Autozone guy showing me some sympathy and installing them for me. I drove off, activating the windscreen spray of water every now and then. It was a treat watching the new wipers part the red sea I had intentionally created before my eyes.
Next Entry: The joys of picking the pebbles out of your old Bata school-shoes with the sharp point of your compass (those found in a geometry set).

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