The Few

As the semester comes to a close and we head off into the winter break, the inevitable time of reflection hits me. It's been an almost hellish semester. We spent a lot of waking hours on projects, and when you think you're in the clear, nothing like a test to wipe the relief off your face. But I'm really thankful through it all. I know, it's probably a common reaction more than a conscious decision. We all start to get all mushy only after everything is over.
As with all near-death experiences, you grow closer to the ones you suffered with. Our group was an interesting mix. Joosup from Korea, who made sure all our financial figures didn't reveal our true ignorance; Sato from Japan, who kept us working hard (seems to be a Japanese trait); and Chris. Though Chris possesses an American passport and all, I'm pretty convinced he's an Asian wrapped in Caucasian skin. He understands my jokes.
There are times I just hate the creeping feeling that things won't stay the same. Despite our best efforts we'll probably grow apart. Chances are we won't be seeing each other after we graduate. I want so much for things to stay the way they are, I really do. I want friends to stay friends. I want the people I end life with to be the ones I started out with. I don't want new. I want old.
When I graduated from secondary school (that's high school), I wrote a poem that summed up the feeling. Well, you could argue that it wasn't a poem, it not having a meter and all. I guess it's been a poem that's stuck with me all these years.
<blockquote><strong>In Memory</strong>
Of things past and gone
Tears of joy
whimpers of sad
Things that never
of much importance seem
People that never
whole atmospheres change
begin to take value.
It's true they say
man will never learn to cherish
an event happening
a memory in making
but will live to regret
will regret to live
an event over,
a memory made.</blockquote>
I guess heaven's heaven because there will be no more faded friendships or lost loves. I hope I'll see you there.

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