The Forming of the Rift

For many moons, the House of Sagatious and the People's Front have co-existed in Hibernia. Those were peaceful times, now remembered only by the oldest and wisest. It would seem that the memory would also die with their passing.
It all began with the rise of the lady minstrel Carmen Finis-Annus, a child of the People's Front. She grew in strength under the care of the influential but impoverished clan. Along with her growth in stature, her curiosity of the world around her also took flight.
She forsook the ways of her people, and in her heart she despised their old ways. She sought only her own good, living off the favour and grace the two major clans. As the House of Sagatious grew in importance and power, her ties to the clan she once called home were slowly severed, and she embraced her new-found dwelling place.
The cold winter would arrive and The People's Front would be needed by the young lady minstrel again, but they had grown weary of her wandering ways. They weren't oblivious to her manipulation. Rather, the old ways dictated that they extend the hand of care wherever and whenever the need arose. This time however, The People's Front was hesitant for fear that the slow seething betrayal would spread into something more vicious and deadly. Despite the risk involved, The People's Front responded to Carmen's call.
Far would it be for Carmen to sit quietly and abide her fate. Her fleeting feet were fast, but swifter was the loyalty of her heart. In the short time that The People's Front hesitated, she had initiated deals with Sagacious that would secure her safety for the upcoming winter. She would not be left without a choice. She would be beholden to none.
Just as the wintery winds swept over the mountains in the horizon, Carmen left the messager of The People's Front standing in the cold without so much as an answer. She had done it again, slapping the hand of favour extended unto her. She knew they would come through – they always did. But where the better offer could be taken, it would be taken. That was the way of survival, so she told herself.
<center><em>The ancients would have done better to know that.</em></center>
Her manipulation split the two houses forever. Though no hatred existed between them, a rift had formed.
The People's Front wept but for a short time as disapointment at the betrayal turned to anger, and the anger to resentment. Only time will tell if they would trust their old ways again. With many more winters to come, it would be inevitable that their prodigal daughter return unto them.
Should the People's Front take her in once more when the need arises? Or should it protect itself from further betrayal and count Carmen a daughter lost?
The People's Front seeks your wisdom, dear reader.

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