Wedding Bells from Afar

I know this seems so utterly premature, but after reading <a href="">this forum thread</a> over at the <a href="">Ricebowl Journals</a> about the perfect wedding I couldn't help but let my imagination fly once again.
Being the least musical of my friends doesn't in any way impede my dreams that run wild and border on incredulity. I listen to my small collection of classical music mp3s and close my eyes.
I see myself playing Jules Massenet's Meditation on the violin as I watch you walk slowly down the aisle. I smile, and it hurts because I've to concentrate on keeping the violin propped up against my neck. You look so wonderfully ravishing. My heart flutters as it does everytime I see you from a distance. Caught up in the moment I realise that there is silence in the hall – I've stopped playing.
I don't know how to play the violin. I wish I did, because my skill with the classical guitar simply won't allow me to play anything nice and have my head up to look upon you at the same time. Maybe we'll just stick to CDs yah?
Why am I allowing myself to be so tied up in the details? All that matters is that you're here. Now. Always. There's music wherever you are, and your music has so utterly and completely capitivated me. I just want to be where you are.

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