A Point in Time

We often fall in love with the moment. A glimpse is all it takes for our hearts to pulsate erratically. A friend who dresses up for her prom may stir the currents of the heart in newfound ways. Or a stranger comforting you from your latest break up may end up being the Dennis Rodman of your heart. In the moment we make promises spanning lifetimes and eternities – it would seem that the overflowing richness of the moment were sufficient for as far as the mind can fathom.
The moment drags on and becomes a minute. The minutes grow into hours and we find the strength of our words disappearing into the silent vacuum of time. Questions arise as emotions fade. We no longer know what we knew but a moment ago.
Thanks for loving me. Every moment with you is a new moment filled with the super-abundance of the last. The moments have built upon each other the past fifteen years I've loved you.
May God grant us the love to last a lifetime.

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