Age of the Warmonger

When George Bush took office, we all made fun of him. We thought he had the facial expressions of a <a href="">chimp</a> and the <a href="">grammar and vocabulary</a> of a four-year old. No one pays attention to a four-year old playing in the sandpit, but in this case, Bush seems overly eager to place his fingers on a few big red buttons.
I've always thought of myself as neutral, but it has become harder and harder for me to understand the arguments on this side of the fence. After engaging in a civil <a href="">debate</a> over at the <a href="">Ricebowl Journal Forums</a>, it scares me to think that the sole source of America's strength lies not in its character but in its firepower. The one quote that got me utterly peeved was
<blockquote>The people we piss off can do us some damage but it's minor when you look at the big picture, but the key is that we can squash them whenever we want.</blockquote>
Most of all, it appears to be the opinion of quite a number of them. If anything, 9/11 showed us all how vulnerable we all are, and that our actions are all intertwined.
Now with war in the air again, it takes the strongest and blindest of faith to believe that this man who spouts big words knows what he is doing. I don't know if it's possible to muster that kind of faith.

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