Do You Hear the People Sing?

It's not the circle of life with Disney. It's a straight road leading towards the already gold-lined pockets of its executives.
Like the rebellion in Les Mis&eacute;rables, the freedom of the people were <a title="Supreme Court Rules Against Eldred | Metafilter" href="">quashed</a> without so much as a bat of an eyelid.
The Supreme Court ruling against Eldred means that Disney has successfully blocked anyone else from doing what they've done all these years – using the tales and stories that were once public domain without paying royalties. You think the minds at Disney came up with the fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast or the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
Thanks to the grubby money-loving hands of the executives at Disney, the rest of us would probably get sued if we were to doodle two small circles sitting on top of a larger circle.
Do I value my content? Of course. Every word that I write here is my own. But not only my own, for all that I am is an amalgamation of all that is around me.
So this is what I'm doing. is now licensed under a <a href="">Creative Commons license</a>.
It means you may use all the content on Tribolum (I'm even throwing in the photos, painful a decision as it may now seem) as long as
<ul style="color:black"><li>You credit the author (me) credit for it.</li><li>You don't make money out of using my material without my consent.</li><li>and lastly, should you create something of your own using my material, you have to use the same Creative Commons License.</li></ul>

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