Flying South

Did some math tonight and it was no good. I really wanted to go to <a href="">SXSW Interactive</a> (pronounced South-by-Southwest) conference in Austin Texas over the weekend in March. After calculating the cost of staying at a hotel on top of the conference fees, it proves to be a little too costly a venture. I thought about driving there, till a visit to <a href="">Mapquest</a> revealed that it was a 900 mile drive. And that's just one way.
It would have been nice to be amongst like-minded people. Though we live in the age of technology, there aren't that many people who view technology as something to be molded. Most just take it as it is. My particular interest was how technology could be better harnessed to facilitate communication.
It occurs to me that conferences like SXSW will become unaccessible by many more magnitudes when I return home to Singapore after graduation. It seems so close, almost within my grasp, only to slip away.
I hope the folks who attend document it well. It would have been nice to put a tangibility on the people I've known for so long virtually.

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