When we look back in history at acts of prejudice and injustice we sometimes wonder how people back then could be so blinded by it. It seems so clear to us who have the benefit of retrospection.
As I grow older I find myself less tolerant of the younger generation. They seem so brash and vulgar, often inciting responses in what seems to be an attempt to gain attention. Upon seeing such people on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) I often tear them down with humour, at their expense of course.
I used to think that it was an exercise in wit, a sharpening of the mind through banter. I see now that I am no better than the elitist scum that looks down on other people. There ought to be no place for the putting down of another person. Even if rebuke is called for it ought to be given in gentleness and love.
I only hope this is a lesson I will remember as my ways grow harder and more ingrained within me. I am sorry.

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