Straight and Narrow

Some of us just aren't cut out for it.
Clifton, Wenyang, Carol and I went to the recreation center today to play some basketball after an unbearably (for me at least) long stint of basketball-free activity. Clifton, being the new guy, had forgotten to bring his CatCard (the student identification card at the University of Arizona). Having already driven all the way to school, we decided to work around the problem.
Clifton would use my CatCard and enter the rec center with the other two first. Wenyang would then leave the Rec, meet me outside and pass me my CatCard. I would then enter the rec, and if any questions were asked, provide them proof that I was the owner of the card. Great plan yah?
As fate would have it, Wenyang's quick entry and exit did not provide a duration long enough for the counter person's memory bank to clear. She took a look at the card and immediately recognised that it was the one she swiped two seconds ago.
Busted. I drove Clifton home to get his CatCard.
I'm sure millions have pulled this off without a hitch. I guess I am an amateur. I don't even use the automated doors with the handicap sign on them for fear my use would be unnecessary wear and tear for the folks who really need it. Counter person just had to go "erm…" and I confessed. I'm a wuss.
I'll keep my bright ideas to myself and stay on the right path the next time.

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