Sudden Death

<a href=""><img alt="Sunset, Intersection of Sunrise and Craycroft, Tucson, Arizona" src="" width="130" height="90" border="0" / hspace="7" vspace="7" align = "right"></a>Endings have a way of creeping up on you. They often seem so far away, then before you know it, *bam* it's all over. Seldom does one enjoy the satisfaction of a conclusion that wraps everything up beautifully, whether a book, a roller-coaster ride, or life. The ones that do are the ones we remember.
Gwenlyn and I went out today to catch the sunset. Unable to make it to my favourite vantage point at Starr Pass, we settled for the nearest mini-peak we could find – this time in a hoity-toity neighbourhood. We grabbed our cameras and snapped away as the sun seemed to set at a record speed. In what seemed like a short moment the sun dove below the mountains and I sent Gwenlyn home.
Whilst driving westward toward home, the sky lit up a most brilliant hue of red. The clouds flowed and ebbed like a viscuous liquid. The whole world was trapped in a giant lava lamp. No, not <a href="">this</a> one.
One hand on the wheel, I reached for my camera bag and took out the camera. Unable to find a clean spot on my windscreen or my windows from which to take pictures, I pulled to the side of the road and started snapping away. Never mind the powerlines were blocking the way. I could always use some pictures for my <a href="">powerline project</a> on my <a href="">photolog</a>.
It was a beautiful ending to the first day of school. And it was one that, though brief, lasted long enough for a contented sigh.

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