To You

There are times when I feel so overwhelmed by the amount of life outside of my own small circle. Looking through the photos submitted in the <a href="">Everyman Photo Contest</a> and reading the more obscure blogs, the diversity and unity of emotions form such a powerful paradox that there are moments my heart feels scarce able to take it all in.
I could have been sitting next to <a href="">you</a> by the shore awaiting the sunrise or standing beside <a href="">you</a> in the cold, sharing a laugh as our stomachs spasm from the extreme chill. The possibilities of a million lives flash by my heart's eye, and there are so many times I've wanted so much to just reach out and touch you (that would be the whole lot of you readers) on the other side of the computer monitor.
The world seems such a small place at times and yet we spend so much of our lives with our heads cast downward, in a pile of paperwork or minding our own business.
Life's really too short and too precious to live it in a crowded isolation.

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