Virtually Real

First impressions are an awfully powerful thing. But I am thankful that they don't last, despite how the familiar saying goes.
I met Gwenlyn for the first time, after a few years of sparse communication via ICQ and IRC. It seems odd that I should meet a fellow Singaporean out here in Tucson, and that the path our real lives took us would coincide without any intent on our part.
In all honesty I didn't know what to expect. Yet when the door first opened and in the first two seconds of visual contact a lot of inference was made, many of which contradicted the Gwenlyn I had formed in my mind's eye. Do not get me wrong, she didn't do anything contradictory in two seconds. It is amazing how the mind conjures up a plane of reality out of thin air.
I am thankful that we spent the afternoon together, and that after some conversation I was pretty much able to reconcile the virtual image with the physical.
So today can be considered a rather constructive one, for I made a new old friend.

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