War! What Is It Good For…

The Houston Rockets vs The Los Angeles Lakers became Yao Ming vs Shaq, which thanks to Shaq's seemingly <a href="">racist comments</a> become Asia vs Shaq.
Some <a href="">people</a> got really fired up, others let it slip. Shaq apologised to Yao Ming, the Rockets won and Yao Ming stood tall.
All <strike>is</strike> was well.
A flagrant foul called on the game was undoubtedly the turning point. Whether or not the Lakers could have won had that been a normal technical, we'll never know. But Shaq has confirmed one thing.
In response to the call, Shaq said the following at the press conference:
<blockquote>"The unfortunate thing is it had to be decided by them,'' O'Neal said of the officials. "A whole bunch of people who paid a lot of money had to see a game that was decided by someone who doesn't make a lot of money. That's unfortunate.''
Taken from <a href="">this article in</a></blockquote>
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer now, is he?

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