Week in Review

After 400 miles and six hours of driving, we're finally back in Tucson. In Vegas we joked about how coming back home was the start of the real vacation. There is no doubt that a feeling of relief and true rest descended upon us the moment we laid down our bags, but we cannot deny that it was fun.
For the past few years we spent New Year's Eve sitting on some couch watching live television streams from all over the world – of fireworks and masses of people celebrating. At least we can say that we've one good memory of us being in one of them. The truth is that most people left twenty minutes after the countdown and fireworks died down, but no one watching television would ever know right?
The time in Vegas was rejuvenating in some warped sense. Having grown up in highly urbanised Singapore, the fast beat of the city made us feel at home again. The accessibility of Bellagio's water fountains and a host of other attractions ensured that we never sat around wondering what to do. We did all our planning over the lunch Buffet at the Mirage.
The lunch buffet was the best ten dollars spent on the Strip. After two prime ribs, one salad, a fruit tart, an apple pie and an assortment of small dishes, I gave in only to wish twenty minutes later that I had eaten just one more prime rib. Having been so utterly satisfied, we planned to go back the next day.
There's a reason why people don't do two buffets back-to-back. This time we left barely able to breathe. A lesson in self-restraint, though I'm pretty sure it'll be forgotten the next time we waltz past a buffet spread as lavish as this one.

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