Many of us waited for Colin Powell's great revelation. Where he would dispel all fear and lay to rest our doubts as to whether to engage in full-scale war. We came out of it sorely disappointed.
As the United States continues to call in the reserves and send in the calvary it is evident that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks. Such a massive logistical movement wasn't initiated so that troops could sit around and wait. It is almost inconceivable to imagine the massive force trotting home because the rest of the world disagreed. Bush will have his war, sanctioned by the U.N. or otherwise.
<a href="">Shock and Awe</a>. That's the plan isn't it? Fire 800 missiles into Baghdad in two days. Cower all of them into submission, if any of them be left. Send in the ground troops to clean up.
But the Tomahawk missiles used in the Gulf War are as precise as a surgeon's scapel aren't they? I remember distinctly reading a centerfold spread in Singapore's own <a href="">New Paper</a> quoting U.S. newspapers that the Tomahawk could hit a mailbox from 2000 kilometers away. So, with such pinpoint precision, Rumsfeld and his lackeys claim that they reduce collateral (read civilian) damage.
You don't believe that <a href="">crap</a>, do you? A missile fired from a ship 2000 kilometers away can hit your mailbox? Why even bother flying planes in then?
Make no mistake about this. Many civilians will die if the United States implements its plan of war. Their deaths will not make headlines on <a href="">CNN</a> or <a href="">FoxNews</a>, both of whom seem utterly bewitched by Bush Jr's <a href="">charm</a>. Since General Powell's anti-climatic attempt (and I belive is the United States' best) to convince us all, I can only deduce this:
It is about <a href="">oil</a>. If so much blood be shed over it, oil will be the dirtiest three-letter word in human history.

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