Royal Rummage

If you've been anywhere blogwise recently, you'd have read that <a href="">Google</a> <a href="">bought</a> <a href="">Blogger</a>, and the whole blogging community is abuzz with speculations and analysis.
<a href="">Anil</a> thinks that Google and Blogger <a href="">aren't as great a fit</a> as <a href="">Dan Gilmor</a> has <a href="">described</a>.
Having been one of the earlier supporters of Blogger (I have the T-shirt and all), I feel exactly as <a href="">Jason Kottke</a> <a href="">described</a> – an ambivalence of pride as well as loss. I suppose there's always fearful tinge of slight betrayal when any entity becomes aligned with the "large corporation". The end of garage-dwelling days and putting things together with duct tape. Usher in the suits, and priorities change. Dreams fade.
I wish folks at Blogger the best. God knows I'd still be using the cut-and-paste routine of archiving old posts were it not for them. The ship has left our waters for the ocean and our dreams with it. Stay true to the course and the vision.

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