Stepping Back

According to the referral logs, someone came upon this site via <a href="">Google</a> with the search parameters <a href="">war, iraq, un, decision, us, unbiased opinion</a>. Google's complex algorithms apparently believed me to be the ninth best source given the search criteria (at the time of the search).
I'll be the first to admit that my views are hardly unbiased. I know I've pissed off quite a few who see war with Iraq as a necessary step forward, and I apologise (especially to you, <a href="">Walker</a>) if I do. But that's simply what I think. Sadly, even what I think shifts with the ebb and flow of information. It is not to say that I don't believe in the things that I say or write here.
Politics is like quicksand. The more we struggle the deeper we sink. There is simply too much information and too many hidden agendas for us to grasp the whole issue. In some cowardly fashion it is much easier to stand detatched.
I'll refrain from adding fuel to the fire or including my own opinion on the issue. It is unlikely that my rants will bring about any change at all. Maybe some day this will all make sense to us and we will see things for what they truly are.
That's probably going to be in heaven.

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