Vee Dee

We went out for Valentine's. My sister, a fellow Singaporean student and I. Not exactly the normal V-day group dynamics.
The Japanese place we had originally intended to eat at was totally packed with lovey dovey couples. We arrived at the end of a six party waiting list. This normally wouldn't really deter us, but Valentine couples have a propensity to be overly elaborate over dinner. Fast food it would be.
It was an interesting time to people-watch. It seemed almost like the entire world was out tonight. Mothers with their children, groups of high school kids, toddlers. The scene at the mall certainly wasn't reflective of the Valentine's Day crowd. There were hardly any couples in sight.
Not course not. No self-respecting casanova would be caught dead eating fast food tonight. They were all dressed to the nines, eating at the most expensive of restaurants with the scent of roses and perfume. A stay at a luxurious hotel, an airplane ticket to a nearby resort destination for the weekend; tonight they would pull all the stops.
Yet in the midst of the "other" crowd I realised that these were the real heroes. The ones who slogged day and night for their children; friends who in each other found companionship that could be shared with more than just one other person. They were the blue-collar workers of love in its most basic and enduring form.
Keep it real tonight people.

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