Deny First, Truth Later

A marketplace is Baghdad was the scene of the lastest strike on Iraq. As civilian casualties mount, Washington denies that the "coalition of the willing" had anything to do with it. But why stop there when you can push <a href="">the blame on the Iraqis</a>?
<blockquote>"given the behaviors of the regime lately, it may have been a deliberate attack inside of town", Brig. General Vincent Brooks was quoted as saying.</blockquote>
A U.S. spokesperson summed it up: "we may never know" precisely what happened.
Well, a U.S. military spokesman said coalition aircraft had indeed attacked missiles and launchers in a residential area of Baghdad at around the time of the explosion. This was said without "<a href="">directly admitting responsibility</a>".
Though this war is probably more thoroughly covered by the media than any previous war, I am still a little sceptical about the integrity of the news coverage. After all, don't they always begin their reports with "a government official said…"?
CNN link via <a href="">Crazywalker</a>.

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