Here's Looking Like You, Baby

Looking at a <a href="">small picture of Loobylu's Amelia-Joan</a> made my uterus shudder. That is, if I had one.
Reeling from the effects of imaginary estrogen, a list our (again imaginary) baby's physical attributes forms in my head. You know, whose eyes and whose nose and whose hair etc. I'm not <strong>that</strong> crazy to do the whole photoshop face-merging exercise.
Anyway, here's the list:
<div style="padding-left:150px">Eyes: Faith<br />
Nose: Faith<br />
Mouth: Faith<br />
Hair: Definitely Faith</div>
Yeah, the results of the list shocks me as well. It's almost as if I've lost all male inclinations of passing down my genes. Then again, I wouldn't have chosen to marry the girl I didn't think we the absolutely most beautiful person on the face of the planet now, would I?

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