I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Preliminary word on the car: It's going to cost at least a thousand bucks. Well, at least now I know that my fears were confirmed, as opposed to worrying about it.
Riding my bike through school on my way to the Rec was a refreshing change. The wind in my face (I don't have hair long enough to catch the wind) and the the absence of four steel walls around me reminded me of my first year here in Arizona, where I lived in the dorms and travelled everywhere by sheer legpower. Owning a car somehow isolates you – there's a sense of detachment from the things and people around. You can't hear anything because the windows are up and the music's playing. You can't see the faces of the pedestrians because you're travelling too fast. Life becomes a blur, and the human traffic becomes simply traffic; something to negotiate around, a variable factor in your moving from point A to point B.
I got to see many fresh faces, some plodding along the pavement with dreams of a tighter butt of firmer calves. The sound of friends laughing, or the tired sigh of an international student carrying a truckload of books. School came alive again.
In the midst of my worries, I contemplated selling prints of my photographs. My modest Asian self tells me that they're probably not good enough for consumption. Despite having been in a business school of some form or other for almost seven years, the whole idea of pricing still eludes me.
Would you consider buying the prints, and how much?

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