Our Own Little War

Singaporeans always have a penchant for being petty (the whole debacle over the Hello Kitty! toys McDs was offering) and looking stupid on a grand scale (the chewing gum ban is still something I have to explain to all my non-Singaporean friends).
With the War on Iraq and the outbreak of the SARS virus having taken centerstage the past few weeks now, Singaporeans weren't taking it lying down. Having been conditioned over the course of our entire history to be number one in everything, it simply wouldn't be right if we didn't have our attempt at the war-pie. Being only 50km by 22km (or 31mi by 14mi), we'd have to do things our own special and unique way.
We'll have a war over parking lots.
Radio DJs Glenn Ong (Perfect 10) and the Flying Dutchman (Class 95) <a href=",4386,179917,00.html?">hurled insults and called each other names</a> while <strong>on the air</strong> over Glenn's parking lot in which the Flying Dutchman supposedly parked in. This happens when you place competitors in the same building.
The most interesting thing that came out of it was that the war was being waged on two different stations at the same time. Glenn would say something about the Flying Dutchman and callers would inform the Dutchman over the phonelines, and vice-versa.
I don't know if you see the connection, but the callers performed a function we bloggers know as <a href="">Trackback</a>. It's basically a "hey, he's talking about you".

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