One of the first things you learn as a politician is probably this: People won't complain forever.
Raise the price of bus fares. Increase income tax. Do whatever it is that is unpopular. As long as the elections are not anywhere near, there is close to nothing the people can or will do.
The war has begun. Can someone please, please remind me what all this is for again? Because it's the right thing to do?
The liberation of the Iraqi people is a right thing to do, there is no question about that. But let us not confuse the end result with the means by which it was obtained. Why didn't the inspections go on? Because they took too long? Because we were impatient? Were they ineffective? Was Hans Blix lying when he said that Iraq's disarmament would be complete in a few months given the level of cooperation Iraq was now showing?
Disarmament. That's the word the news channels are using for the war. The disarmament has begun. If a guy walked up to me wielding a Samurai sword, and I being the far superior fighter (this is my blog) could easily disarm him, but chose to kill him instead, would that be disarming him? I guess you could say that. The sword's out of his hand, isn't it? Oh, he's dead? Small matter.
I'm pretty sure I heard the sound of a thousand scoffers scoffing simultaneously (check out the alliteration) when they aired Saddam's address to the Iraqi people. He actually called the U.S. the evildoer. He had the guts to say that he would render "the evildoer" incapable of doing "any more evil". So if the U.S. is evil, and Iraq is evil, who's good?
Oh wait, that's right. France = Freedom.
There are many questions that run in my mind tonight and it seems an almost distant memory as to how we all got here. It's the sickness that afflicts us commoners – we tend to forget. It won't be long before the picket signs sit at the back of the garage and no one remembers what we were fighting for.
History is intriguing that way. Alternate realities and what-ifs all die once the crossroads are passed and the path chosen. Think hard: What would it have been if inspections were given time? Remember that. Blog it.
It is the path not taken.

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