Red, the Blood of Angry Men

God bless America. I mean it, I really do. When I stood at the steps of the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, on the National Day of Prayer I uttered those overheard words very audibly in the most secret place of my heart.
In church we pray for the safety of the U.S. troops and wisdom for the U.S. government. If we stretched a little outside ourselves we prayed for the Iraqi civilians. No one prays for the Iraqi soldiers; and no one, by any stretch of the imagination, prays for Saddam Hussein. Praying for his swift demise is another matter altogether.
Aren't Iraqi soldiers fathers, sons and brothers too? Every time a missile hits a building, a SAM site, people die. It is so important to remember that, and not be desensitised simply because their faces were never shown or their families interviewed.
So tonight, do something new. Pray for the Iraqi soldiers. Heck, pray for Saddam the same way you'd pray for Bush. That he'd have wisdom to make the right decisions, so on and so forth.
Their blood too is red, and they are not lesser than you and I.

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