Standing on the Threshold

There are times when I look at the youth of today and can't help but feel out of place. They're the Internet generation, aren't they? What does that make me? I spend enough time on the Internet; and you who are reading all these blogs surely do too. But at the same time I've never owned a cellphone, nor do I feel a need to. On the contrary, somewhere deep inside I feel a need to step away from such pervasive technology; you know, take it slow. A return to basics. Living the simple life. Old school stuff.
It has become even more apparent of late. After two years of living in my apartment I've yet to learn how to program the VCR or use the automatic modes on the microwave. I've become my parents – our parents. Stuck in my routine and trying to make it through an ever-changing world in my own dogmatic way.
So it's only right that I should come home after a long basketball game and head straight for my computer and broadband connection to rant about this. After all, I'm old school, baby.

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