SXSW Highlights

I don't even know where to begin. I've spent the last few days in the darkness of my own room, still reeling from the social high and sense of awe that was SXSW.
For starters <a href="">Breaking Bread with Brad</a> was a highlight in itself. The blogging energy was electrifying, as digital cameras popped up like meerkats on ecstasy. I had the good fortune of sitting next to <a href="">Davezilla</a> and <a href="">Natalie</a>, amongst many others. It was nice to put faces on the blogging voices that I have become so addicted to.
<a href="">Tina</a> was sweet enough to buy me a Shiner (the local Texan brew), which I unfortunately had to decline. I am able to hold more alcohol in my navel than in my system. Tina rocks.
After the dinner we headed down Sixth St. to a piano bar where I saw <a href="">Min Jung</a> down her fifth and sixth Shiner. <a href="">Jessica</a> kept busy by pulling out camera after camera from what seemed like her magic camera bag. At last count there were four. We left the bar and headed to the Omni. Just in time too – the pianist began to belt out his rendition of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror. The horror!
At the Omni <a href="">Rannie</a> and <a href="">Christine</a> hit the Internet on a borrowed TiBook. Just touching the machine brought out inclinations to <a href="">switch</a>. Seems like I'm the not the only one who has been considering the move. Rannie <a href="">has too</a>.
Spent the rest of the night talking to <a href="">Matt</a> about our anal-retentiveness in our quest for pixel perfection, and he said that he had developed a zenlike approach to it. He's more at peace now. My zenlike approach? <em>Screw this, I'm going to sleep.</em>
Not quite the case with my latest redesign of Tribolum. Guess the practice of Zen will just have to wait till my next design iteration. Give me some feedback on how the site looks on your browsers, or how you find the appearance etc. See all Zen dissipate as I strive endlessly to please you!
So that was day one of SXSW. I'll write about the other days another day.

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