Vanity Vanity, All is Vanity

Spent the entire morning and afternoon redoing the <a href="">Visuals</a> section. I'm one of those who spends a lot of time doing things that are never seen. Today's labour of love is one such example.
The borders for all the photos in the visuals section used to be rendered in Photoshop because html didn't support multiple borders (I liked mine 1px black, 2px white, followed by another 2px black). That didn't bode too well for people who wanted to download my photos to display on their sites because the borders came with the photo.
I've solved the problem by implementing it all in CSS (though I still can't get the large picture borders right). That meant removing all the borders in Photoshop (all 160+ of them) and reuploading them to the server. Batch actions helped a bunch, and I'm so very thankful I chose to stick with a uniform size for most of my photos.
Anyway, it's done. Not without having first having imported a thousand entries from the wrong blog into the photolog, crashing MT by trying to delete a thousand over entries at once (checked every single checkbox by hand), and eventually having to delete my entire photolog and reimporting all the entries.
That's the sort of coder I am. Anyone wants to hire me now?

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