A True Leader

I never thought I'd say this, but all I have right now is admiration for President George W. Bush.
As expressed in my blog, I've shown my stand against the war – the reasons given and the motivations which we suspect are behind it all. My stand has not changed, I still think that this is a war that should never have been started. But my impression of the man in power is no longer that of a conniving, self-serving politician. His latest actions have made me believe that he is sincere, and that the war with Iraq was started because he truly believes in its need for liberation. A noble cause, however naive it may seem to others.
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In the latest breaking news report, President Bush has decided to fly to Kuwait to visit the hundreds and thousands of troops engaged in battle.
Politicians visit troops in battle all the time, but certainly not in the thick of battle. "I will not ask the children of our country to lay down their lives, if I am not willing to do the same", he was quoted as saying.
The <a href="">news</a> <a href="">networks</a> are in a frenzy, with many speculating if his latest move was indeed one of bravery or simply foolishness. The analyst went so far to say that this might be the turning point, at least politically, that would garner the much needed support from the worldwide community.
A true leader is hard to find. In these times where wars are fought with the push of a button, it is a true gem to behold a man who still honours the old ways of war by laying down his own life, for the sake of his beliefs that will usher in times of peace for his people.

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