Above the Mark

You know how us drivers always drive five miles/kilometers above the speed limit? We do that because we assume that the highway police give us that little leeway, thus we exploit it to the fullest.
What if I told you that it is not them, but us who are fooled? A conspiracy of global proportions to offset every speedometer on every automobile down one mark (that would usually equate five kilometers or miles). The police know about this, and therefore let us "off" when we think we're speeding a little.
The implications are beyond just our behaviour on the road. For many of us, the automobile has become a standard gauge of speed. Though most of us don't really make important decisions based on this yardstick, the revelation of its falsehood makes us ponder over many other assumptions we take for granted.
It's just a conspiracy theory I came up with. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true though.

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