Balancing Act

For those of you who were found the last blog a tad long and didn't click on the "continue reading…" link, I'd just like to clarify that I didn't hit anybody. It was a literary piece I had crafted to parallel (though not perfectly, I concede) the war on Iraq.
It opened my eyes to a few things; the most glaring of which is our eroded trust in established institutions. Where I had a number of "wow, you were so brave to have done that", I didn't receive a single "you should have informed the police". We have grown to believe that the traditional avenues have become ineffective, and in some way vigilantism has become an acceptable form of justice.
It is impossible to reconcile the two sides of the argument for and against war. It doesn't help that pro-Arab Al-Jazeera is cut off while pro-US media giants CNN and MSNBC hammer propaganda into the minds of the public.
The goals of the journalist used to involve providing unbiased news. It is a goal long forgotten. As the reading public we've learnt to balance our news by sampling as wide a selection of sources as possible. It is inevitable that we go to sources that agree with our own bias and beliefs. But coordinated moves like <a href="">Akamai's decision to discontinue their services to Al-Jazeera</a> and the <a href="">NYSE's barring of Al-Jazeera journalists from the trading floor</a> has revealed the utter hypocrisy of the political powers that reside in the land of the free.
Now that war has begun and the cries of millions of anti-war protestors fallen on deaf ears, what do we do? We've heard all the lofty promises. *Hold them to that*. The victory lies not in Saddam's death nor the change of the regime. It lies in the fulfillment of all the promises made to us as justification for the war. In my heart of hearts I hope that President Bush delivers.
For the sake of us all I hope he does.
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