Amanda came up to me during class and told me that the photos in my photolog made Tucson "look nice". My immediate reaction was "but it is". Then it hits me that in less than a month Tucson will become a distant memory. No more driving down Speedway to catch the sunset or hikes through Sabino Canyon. Even the cactus, whose prevalence we sometimes complain about, will be a sight seldom seen.
It scares me to think that life as I've known it for the past three years will just disappear, the transience of time snatching away precious parts of our lives as if the realities of yesterday never were. I hold on, as if unto morning dewdrops on green grass.
There'll be so many things I'll miss, and things I wished I had done. I'm inclined to think that such is the nature of time and of life, but I could be wrong, speaking only as one who has never ventured and lived the full spectrum of life.

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