First was "Chemical Ali". Now it's "Dr. Germ" and "Missile Man". Who on earth comes up with such ridiculous nicknames for the captured Iraqi officials and scientists? If I had the resources, I'd do an in-depth investigation of whether Nickelodeon is the puppetmaster behind the news networks.
Did it occur to you that Dr. Germ, the alleged cornerstone of Saddam's chemical weapons program, is a woman? All this time we've been hearing about how women are being oppressed and denied an education, and now the brains behind the whole operation is a woman?
Maybe Iraq was a much <a href="">closer paradigm of an effective Middle Eastern government</a> than the west gave them credit for. After all, a lot of the flak the Iraqi government suffers comes after the sanctions levied upon it by the United Nations (spearheaded by the U.S.). I found it highly ironic that the news ticker today read "Bush wants U.N. to lift sanctions against Iraq".

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