Empirical vs Experiential

There's an inside joke that Clifton's arrival to the University of Arizona sparked off this whole string of unfortunate incidents. We joke about him being the black hole of Feng Shui, or the sapper of good luck. You know how some Chinese homes hang paintings of old Chinese "deities" for good luck? Clifton's that – in reverse.
Since his email informing me of his acceptance into the University of Arizona, I had my house broken into, my car stereo stolen and my car engine overheated. Carol lost her digital camera and Wenyang's memory card inside the camera. Yusri, who met Clifton for the shortest time, lost his money clip (and money) and the cover for his Oakley shades.
Today at church Clifton was standing near the door. A kid fell face down on the ground right in front of him. I'm not superstitious (at least I don't think I am), but his presence brings out all these "incidents" to the forefront. It's probably because these things are made more evident to us.
Or not.

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