Fries. French Fries.

Looped footage of rejoicing Iraqis have been playing on the news channels almost endlessly today. I'm thankful that the war is (for the most part) over, but the consequences of the actions taken in the past few months remain to be seen. Many precedents have been set in this war with Iraq, and I fear that they may come back to haunt us another day. As far as I'm concerned, the United States has undermined its authority in international affairs, while the United Nations has been made a cuckold of. I'm hoping that things will bounce back to where they were before we started, but that naive hope doesn't survive the furnace of reality. The worst case scenario is that a move towards an international anarchy has begun, and we're starting to see signs of it.
In between video clippings of rejoicing Iraqis (played for the nth time), an analyst for MSNBC was talking about how the part of the international community that didn't support the war should be made to "pay penance". He suggested that the U.S. exercised its veto power in whatever motion France or Germany might bring forth in the next two or three years, and that the U.S. shouldn't hear from Canada in the near future.
In a country where every citizen has the right to their own opinion, it is ironic that an educated man voice his opinion so freely, suggesting that people from other countries be stripped of this right. With Congress supporting the whole "freedom fries" campaign, I do not doubt that this analyst's opinions would be shared amongst a few of those in power.
My hope, however, is that you do not partake in this campaign sowing hatred and mistrust. I put up a small flag on the sidebar which you can place on your website in support of France and its right to a difference in opinion.
I love France, as much as I love the United States for all its colour and glory. I hope you'll find it in your heart to do too.

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