Laughter is Contagious

Being so far away, it is sometimes easier to isolate myself from the havoc that the SARS virus is causing at home. Looking at it statistically, the SARS virus has not claimed a large number of lives, though its highly contagious nature is cause for alarm. No cure for any type of virus has ever been found in the history of humankind, so the best people can do is try not to get infected.
There is a cure, however, for the paranoia and insensitivity that comes with fear. People from China <a href=",4386,182713,00.html?">risk losing their jobs</a> solely because of their nationality; doctors and nurses are ostracised from society because of their occupation; and labels like "<a href=",1886,84,00.html">super-infectors</a>" are placed on people who never strove for so dishonourable a title.
Just as I was touched and impressed by the New York firefighters during the September 11 attack on the World Trade Centers, I am even prouder of the nurses and doctors in Singapore who battle discrimination and possible infection while doing their job. My heart goes out to them.

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