MMORPG Madness

Why the absence? The <a href="">last time I went MIOA</a> (missing in online action) I was busy enjoying the sunsets and the lush green scenery of Hibernia in <a href="">Dark Age of Camelot</a>.
Since schoolwork sort of died down this week I decided to pay a visit to Camelot again. My old friends in the guild I joined are now revelling in godlike power, while I returned very much the same low-levelled character I was as when I left. It is interesting how human beings can be contained in this virtual world, with its virtual currency, building virtual reputations and fighting virtual wars. A conversation I overheard between an elf and a lurikeen summed it up. It's about the people you meet. In a world where almost everything seems false, the people behind the facades are real, and that is what draws people to these massive multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPGs).
Having already fallen so far behind my comrades in terms of strength and power building, I decided to venture into weaponcrafting. I make weapons for other characters. The more weapons I make, the better my skill. The better my skill, the better weapons I make, the more money I make. You get the picture.
It was an interesting observation in the social constructs and its facilitation for altruism. I would say that most people, given the opportunity (meaning requirement minimum initiative), are willing to help other people less fortunate than themselves. I also gave away a few weapons for free to low-levelled people and observed. Though the act was virtual, the kindness shown and the cheer generated was genuine. And kindness has a way of passing through all of society, from the most well-to-do to the least.
Why don't we see it then, in the real world? This is where the difference between the real world and MMORPGs lie. In the MMORPG you get what you work for. Everything is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort you put in. In the real world, it is usually the most ruthless, the most cunning who succeed. They don't turn kind and altruistic easily, after honing their battle acumen for so many years.

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