Music Made Right

I can't even tell you how glad I am that I got the Apple Powerbook. Watching first hand Apple's new <a href="">Music store</a> unfold is witnessing a revolution in the making.
Sure, we were intrigued by Napster and then Kazaa. But those were underground technologies that had spawned the illegal swapping of music. We all agree that music artists deserve to earn a decent living.
My main argument and gripe with the music industry has always been the coercion laid upon consumers to purchase an entire album. It is hard enough to make one good song, let alone a dozen. That just didn't justify my buying of CDs and I often walked away a peeved customer. In my spare time I've even drawn up plans for a vending machine that burned CDs containing only the songs you want and charging per song.
Apple did it with the new music store. Sure, 99 cents per song may be a tad heavy, but it beats having to buy a 20 dollar CD anytime. I hope the price falls, and we can resume Napteresque download habits without infringing upon the rights of music artists to their gargantuan profits.
Can't get into the music store? Heh…get a Mac.

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