Selling News

*Jerry Bruckheimerisque music stirring up visions of grandeur*
"We bring you the latest reports of a daring Marine rescue operation. The POW in question is 19 year old Private First Class Jessica Lynch. We are told that she suffered multiple gunshots and knife stab wounds and is now held captive in an Iraqi hospital."
*Angry murmurings*
"Those brutes. Have they no shame? She's just a 19 year old girl! Multiple gunshots! And stabbed many times with a knife! *?#(%#!"
So later we find out that "the doctor has not seen any of this". Maybe the doctor's still looking.
I'm very disappointed in the media. I've long wanted to be a journalist and held them in high regard. On the side of the common people, so I believed. It is abundantly clear that NBC's Kerry Sanders was more interested in selling the news than reporting it. Even when proven wrong, the media has done nothing so far to apologise. They just move on to the next big lie. They even placed undue emphasis on the words "Iraqi hospital", as if it were the wrong place for the injured to be.
Fox News has a wall of photographs of military personnel sent to the Middle East – pictures sent in by their loved ones. Who weeps when a Republican guard dies? 70% strength. 50% strength. Decimated. Obliterated. Can't you see that they're the same as you and I? Can't you weep?!?
Where is your heart, people of America? Where is your heart for the downtrodden, the suffering, the wronged and the injured? How can you celebrate a loss of life as victory?
The sword of the strong is deadly sharp, but his hand is made strong with restraint. It is the coward's arm that flails about, and nicks, scrapes at whatever he may find.

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